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Their real face

I had already written on this topic last week here. And lots of water has flowed under the bridge since then. In the meantime, I have tried to maintain my silence, and stay a spectator for all this, but my heart doesn’t allow.

And then, they sloganeered…

“Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”


“Har ghar se Afzal nikelga”

…all in the name of freedom of Expression and free speech.

Just think, this is free speech. And there are prominent people to support it.

Think once again, if this was uttered by some Godse fan…

“Har ghar se Godse nikelga”


All hell would have broken loose.  The same gang who is supporting the sympathizers of Afzal Guru would have cried on the attack on Idea of India. Remember, when a Sakshi Maharaj or a Sadhvi utters some comments in the same vein, what’s made of them?

Yes, the same gang, headed by the Communists of India. We have seen where, and with whom they stand in the past.

They supported the British during 1942 Quit India Movement…

They collected funds for the Chinese in the 1962 Indo – China War…

They slept with the Congress when Emergency was imposed in 1975…

And, then see what they do now also.

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Pretending to be blind

No, I don’t usually put across my views on the oppression / Freedom Of Expression / tolerance / intolerance / beef debates that have been popping up their heads now and then since May 2014. No because I don’t have the time and energy, but just because I don’t want to be caught in a slug fest where people who are intolerant of my views would call me all kinds of names like Sanghi, Bigot, Upper Caste Pig etc as I might not be speaking on the same wavelength as their views on the same.

Not this time, when the so called intellectuals (but I consider them nothing much better than glorified idiots) started the drama on JNU campus, felicitating terrorists, and raising slogans that you see spoken against India in enemy countries.

Once this thing came up on TV, It didn’t take me much time to think over, to where this Continue reading “Pretending to be blind”