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What happened to Shivagami?

Those who have seen Baahubali – The Beginning are engrossed in the mystery and waiting for the answer to the million dollar question – “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?”

But, all the movie buffs who have seen it once, twice, thrice or even 10 times like me (the Tamil version twice on the big screen, and the Malayalam one later on satellite and DVD), have you all noticed that Baahubali – The Beginning is a portmanteau of thriving mysteries?

Yes, the most popular one of the all that is the “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” question. But for me, it isn’t even a well-founded query. Why, because all over Baahubali – The Beginning, it is shown that Kattappa is dead loyal to the crown of Mahishmathi, and whoever is king is his boss, whose words and orders are valuable for him like charms. So Kattappa just Continue reading “What happened to Shivagami?”