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The merchant of death

Prequel to the Siege of Anjalakotta

The Anjalakotta or the St Angelo’s Fort has stood the test of time. It has seen time, nature, history and men impending, pausing and parting at Kolathunad. It is the first European fort in India, built in 1502 by the first Portuguese traders in India.

As the story goes, Vasco Da Gama reached Kozhikode in 1498, but could not negotiate a favorable trade terms with the Samoothiri, majorly due the backroom antics and tactics of the king’s advisors and traders who feared loss of business with the coming of the Portuguese. They presented him as an ordinary pirate instead of a royal ambassador.

Samoothiri meets Gama

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The Kolathiri’s game of chess and the epic poem

It was one hot lazy afternoon in medieval Kolathunad. The summer sun was beating on the countryside, and the Kolathiri’s palace, despite all its pomp and grandeur was bogged down by the Sun’s rays. There was a slight breeze flowing from through the balcony and the windows, which brought a soothing effect to the palace dwellers.

Inside the room adjacent to the balcony, the Queen was trying to put her little one to sleep. At the loggia, the King and his most favourite courtier were immersed in a game of chess.

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