We don’t have dinner from Karama quite often. Being quite far from where we stay, we are always comfortable with places around us. Yes, we had got word of mouth feedback about the Tamarind Terrace, but as the traffic, pain in getting a parking space, all those made the place not so higher up on our bucket list.

Then one week, we had our cousins visiting us from Singapore and she insisted on having food from there. So, we decided to stop over on the way to Abu Dhabi.

Well, first of all, I was impressed with the parking slot outside TT. Seriously, with the previous expowrocens in Karama, I never expected to find a place there quite easily.

Next, the visual appearance. All those drums painted in bright yellow, were easily one of the most attractive I’ve seen in the vicinity.

Then, we didn’t have to wait too much to get our seats and our hands on the menu.

The menu actually confused us on what to have for the night. I had actually come in after having my fill from KFC during the long drive we had all the way from RAK, but the Kanji and other traditional items from the list set the ships sail in my mouth.

I really wanted to have the rice and kanji items, but opted for chapati and chicken combo instead. There were nine of us in all, and each of us tried a different item, and none of it left us unsatisfied.

The manager even took a verbal feedback from us once we were moving out. Not many do that nowadays, and me, personally was quite impressed with that.

Well, actually, we did not have enough. Me and wife returned back all the way to Karama the following weekend to try the delicacies in the afternoon. And it was well worth it.

My rating 5/5

Things to try out:

Oru Kudam Choru & Pinjani Choru – Rice items in the Kerala style that we just loved. Had memories of how our grandparents used to tell stories of how rice and curry used to be eaten in the good ‘ol days back home. 

Chakka Manga Mulaku Sharbet – Well, one of the best drinks I’ve had in recent times. It had the sweetness of the Jackfruit, the acetic taste of the mango, and the spiciness of the Chilli in it. Well worth

**not a paid review


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