The name attracted me to this hotel.

Yes, the movie in Malayalam of the same name, starring Dulquer Salman and Thilakan is definitely the reason for it.

There is a reputation for that name – anybody who loves good food and has seen the movie, will draw you to this place without much confusion.

Inside, first view it looks impressive. The Thekkepuram Chaayakadaa, and the paper spread on the table is attractive. The real name is not Ustad Hotel; I guess it is New Ustad Restaurant LLC, which has been branded as UH. Saw another name on the paper spread – Binshin Restaurants Management LLC (I guess the Binshin stands for the owners’ name – Bineesh & Shabana)?

The classic songs remixed by the new generation bands of Kerala were playing in the background.  “Appozhum paranjille porandaa porandaa nnu…”


Was hoping the words don’t hold true and I don’t have to say that after having food.

The blue and white shirt of the waiter looked impressive, and I was waiting for the food to come with the hope that it makes an impact too.

Like every Malayalee who enters a Kerala restaurant, I ordered Porotta and Chicken Curry. (I didn’t have lunch yet, but didn’t order Biriyani, which would have been my first choice, as it was well past lunch time).

Porotta came, and it was crisp and hot. By a long way, the best I had had in Dubai. The Malabar Kozhi Kootu, the chicken curry I had ordered was just too awesome – the perfect mix of coconut milk and spices.

Doubly impressed with the food, I just couldn’t resist ordering tea from Thekkepuram Chaayakadaa…


The tea tasted good, not the normal Milkmaid laced tea that you usually get in most cafeterias’ in Dubai, but more of a traditional Malayalee chaaya.

Cost wise, I felt it to be on the higher side? Especially after I paid three times the price for tea than I usually do.

End of the day, impressed and will be back here to try more delicacies.

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