I had already written on this topic last week here. And lots of water has flowed under the bridge since then. In the meantime, I have tried to maintain my silence, and stay a spectator for all this, but my heart doesn’t allow.

And then, they sloganeered…

“Bharat ki barbadi tak jung rahegi”


“Har ghar se Afzal nikelga”

…all in the name of freedom of Expression and free speech.

Just think, this is free speech. And there are prominent people to support it.

Think once again, if this was uttered by some Godse fan…

“Har ghar se Godse nikelga”


All hell would have broken loose.  The same gang who is supporting the sympathizers of Afzal Guru would have cried on the attack on Idea of India. Remember, when a Sakshi Maharaj or a Sadhvi utters some comments in the same vein, what’s made of them?

Yes, the same gang, headed by the Communists of India. We have seen where, and with whom they stand in the past.

They supported the British during 1942 Quit India Movement…

They collected funds for the Chinese in the 1962 Indo – China War…

They slept with the Congress when Emergency was imposed in 1975…

And, then see what they do now also.

Look what the lovers of tolerance and FOE has done to their fiefdom in the thirty years they have ruled there? Turned it into a paradise of free speech and peace?

No. They ruled over the elimination of political opponents for the propagation of their ideology. Their rule had been fertile ground for violence, victimization, educational and cultural stagnation, and ethical degeneration.

If Afzal Guru can be praised, then what wrong can these idealists find when somebody praises Godse? After all, both these terrorists have been hanged after completion of due legal process. If Godse murdered Mahatma Gandhi on 30 January 1948, Afzal murdered democracy by attaching Parliament on 13 December 2001. 63 years apart, both are crimes of the same nature and a war on India. Had his men been a bit more successful, would supporters of pro-Afzal FOE gang Raja and Yechuri survived the attack on Parliament? They were protected by the same forces and Army that Afzal fans attack.

Yes, Afzal Guru = Nathuram Godse. Nothing more, nothing less.

Or as the idealists think, the value of Parliament is less than the Father of the Nation?

Mohanal and MS Dhoni put some words forward in support of the Army and the nation. And yes, they have been heavily trolled by the Commies in Kerala. Yes, FOE is one sided, and they would be intolerant of anything that does not suit their views.

FOE is only when it suits their narrative. Otherwise, is always bigotry in their eyes!

All this coming from a team that basically has zero grassroots support. Have you seen Raja and Yechuri win from their home state in an election by the people? No. They can only get to the Rajya Sabha, and people like Raja who need to beg Jayalalitha to win from Tamil Nadu.

And then, there is no party that is more Brahmanical and Upper Caste than the communists in India.

See the trend, since 1960’s Sundarayya Reddy, EMS, HS Surjeet, Karat, Yechuri have all been the upper castes. They haven’t let anyone from the so-called lower strata of the caste hierarchy to hold the leadership of the party.

It’s a dead ideology. Dead in most parts of the world.

They survived and grew on the blood and life of millions of victims of their terror.

They contributed the most fearsome dictators the world has seen – Lenin, Stalin and Mao have killed millions, and are in the same league as Hitler.

And they come here to teach tolerance and Freedom of Expression.

What a joke!