No, I don’t usually put across my views on the oppression / Freedom Of Expression / tolerance / intolerance / beef debates that have been popping up their heads now and then since May 2014. No because I don’t have the time and energy, but just because I don’t want to be caught in a slug fest where people who are intolerant of my views would call me all kinds of names like Sanghi, Bigot, Upper Caste Pig etc as I might not be speaking on the same wavelength as their views on the same.

Not this time, when the so called intellectuals (but I consider them nothing much better than glorified idiots) started the drama on JNU campus, felicitating terrorists, and raising slogans that you see spoken against India in enemy countries.

Once this thing came up on TV, It didn’t take me much time to think over, to where this was heading. They will provocate. Government will take action according to existing laws. Then they will cry #Intolerance and attack on #FreedomOfExpression.


Who doesn’t know that Freedom of Expression is part and parcel of the culture of India and its democracy? But, why should it be taken as a liberty to abuse the country?

You are felicitating a convicted terrorist who was hanged for doing his bit to destroy the Parliament of India, the very temple of Indian democracy that gave you this Right to Freedom of Expression?

I have much better analogies to explain that, but it wouldn’t make good reading.

And as expected, we have the Indian Marx, who has selective amnesia, commenting this.


He didn’t mind all the Anti-India venom spewed on by a select class of buffoons. All that pained him was some anti-nationals were arrested, and no sooner he will link this to Intolerance.

Oh yes, then there is a colleague of his, from the Junior Communist party. Yeah, the same one who begs Amma for a seat in Rajya Sabha because he cannot will one himself in an election.


We know where it is heading to. Now that the next rounds of elections are coming, you need something to hang on to.

Ps: Comrades, by the way just read the replies to your tweets to understand what the people think of your activities and your ideology.