Those who have seen Baahubali – The Beginning are engrossed in the mystery and waiting for the answer to the million dollar question – “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?”

But, all the movie buffs who have seen it once, twice, thrice or even 10 times like me (the Tamil version twice on the big screen, and the Malayalam one later on satellite and DVD), have you all noticed that Baahubali – The Beginning is a portmanteau of thriving mysteries?

Yes, the most popular one of the all that is the “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” question. But for me, it isn’t even a well-founded query. Why, because all over Baahubali – The Beginning, it is shown that Kattappa is dead loyal to the crown of Mahishmathi, and whoever is king is his boss, whose words and orders are valuable for him like charms. So Kattappa just did what his boss told. That kills the first mystery.

For me, it’s not Kattappa or why he killed Baahubali senior which is the prime obscurity.

What happened to Shivagami?

Well, all we saw was that she held Baahubali Junior held high above the waters with her palms, and got lost in the strong water current once she handed him over safe and sound to the tribes. And all of us safely and wittily concluded that she’s dead and gone, lost in the waters for ever.

But do you really think that a strong, wilful, commanding and clever Rajmata like Shivagami could just end up this way?

Someone who’s just too astute and intelligent like the Queen Mother would just vanish without extracting vengeance and retribution on those who were responsible for the predicament?


Then, where would she go?

My view are that she is definitely in hiding somewhere. She is a champion protagonist of rajatantram or politics and she is not someone who is going to go down without giving a respectable struggle. She could be somewhere downstream the river that follows the mighty waterfall of Neermala, recovering from the treachery that sent her out, the wounds on her body to heal, and watching and trailing the events in Mahishmathi.

If I was the one who had written Baahubali, she would be right there biding her time, waiting for her opportunity to come out of the backwoods. She would be there in Baahubali – The Conclusion to guide the Baahubali Junior to victory over the evil Bhalladeva.

Rajmata Shivagami is the strongest female character I have seen in Cinema. No one else matches the grit, confidence, self-assurance, poise and authority that she commands over one and all. She deserves to be in Baahubali – The Conclusion not as a flashback character, but the one who will lead the story and the fight for the throne of Mahishmathi to its rightful finale.

Let’s wait and watch.

Jai Mahishmathi!


(Images courtesy – Baahubali Facebook Page and Google)