Finally, we see the Bangladesh win a series over India, that too, convincingly just like an Australia or South Africa would win.

This is definitely a burnol moment for many, and we might even see Arnab Goswami trend #ShameInDhaka like he tried to do when India lost the WC2015 semi-finals, and ask for MSD’s resignation. After all, there is no hope that Sushmaji or Vasundharaji might resign despite his antics in the #LalitFiasco, so he needs to get a new punching bag.

But personally speaking, in my humble opinion, there is no harm in losing to a better team. Over the last week, the Bangladesh Tigers were definitely the better team than our Boys in Blue.

We all remember the BD Tigers as the whipping boys of international cricket. In other words, the standard expression for such teams – “minnows”. They were called tigers that used to meow like cats. I still remember watching them play during my childhood days, in Sharjah, and getting whipped on the ass like a student would, who forgets to do his homework would get from his school teacher.

But there is a time, when every team would have “arrived”. Sometimes it happens sooner, for some just a bit later. It had to come some day.

Before Bangladesh, I remember the Sri Lanka team being in a similar situation for years and years. They used to play the multi nation tournaments in Sharjah to just make up the numbers, so that India and Pakistan could win matches and play the finals against each other, until one fine day, they won a tournament for themselves.

Thereafter, the Sri Lankan Lions were no longer the small fish. They win matches convincingly, and are more or less equals with Australia, India and South Africa. And now, whenever India needs to fill a gap in the international calendar, the BCCI call up the Srilankans to play an ODI series.

Bangladesh has for long been ignored by big brother BCCI. They have not played a decent series with BD over the years, and see them as worthless millstone when it comes to king sized TV contracts that accompany every series.

Hopefully, with this convincing series victory over India, things would change, and the Tigers would get the respect they deserve and earned with their hard work.

Hats off! The Bengal Tigers have risen!