Now that Oommen Chandy has banned liquor across Kerala, its time he bans the daily TV serials on the Malayalam channels too.

Yes, if booze is bad, these daily, tedious, dull, dreary, mind-numbing daily doses of serials are equally bad.

Look what all happens in Malayalam serials….


All the men have no work except walk around in their house, hold one to one meetings at beach side and road side, drive their cars aimlessly, all when their profile would be bank manager, college lecturer, doctor etc. We never see them spending time at their offices or work. 

Any school going kid in these serials, you can see him go everywhere in uniform except in schools. He goes catching criminals, snooping on uncles and aunts, and when they enlighten it to his parents or peers; nobody seems bothered that he skips school and ramble around. 

The ladies, when they cook, sleep, wash clothes, or even do other chores are always in their best sarees’ and jewelry, even when they are out there to attend a funeral.  


Mother-in-law keeps showering never-heard-in-real-life abuses at daughter-in law and her parents, every minute, every day. No response. MIL tries to kill DIL. Not once but three times. She keeps coming back to the house, and the husband despite knowing all what’s happened is a helpless fool. Which husband in real life would be one? No sympathies with such daughters-in law.

People, especially the heroine goes missing from her house for weeks and months, and not even her parents, husband, or anybody in the family would not even be bothered to file a police complaint. 

Picture this. Heroine gets pregnant; her best mate in the serial has just started II Year Degree. She joins post graduation 2 years later. Heroine is still pregnant. Human beings it seems. 

Heroine has an illicit child with her ex-boyfriend. She’s married again and 25 years later, her father is still trying hard to keep it a secret. But always, it reaches every other human being in the society other than her husband, of course till the last episode of the serial 200 weeks later, when we come to know that he already knew it before he weds her. 


A Supreme Court judge, and arguably one of the most law-educated person in the country according to the script writer and director, has no qualms in keeping a child as a servant. And they picture him as a noble soul because he gives her employment. So much knowledge and ingenuity.    

All this is the same right from the days of Madhumohan’s serials on DD Malayalam to today’s Kumkumapppovu and Amala on new-generation Malayalam channels.

I even thought that this torture would end when dad bought a second TV at home. I imagined that there would be a gentleman’s agreement whereby one TV would be for serials of the womenfolk and the other one; I could get to watch all the news, sports and movies.

It was not to be.

Now the schedule goes like this. In the evenings, TV1 runs Manorama serials, and TV2 runs Asianet serials. And mummy would run between both there TV’s so as not to miss both.

If you guess there would be free time to watch my shows in the morning or afternoon, it is not to be. The repeat of the previous day’s soaps play on and mom would be glued to it to make sure her eyes and ears has not missed anything the previous day.

Dear Oommen Chandy and Sudheeran ji, you have given womenfolk what they want by banning booze. Now, please understand the pain and suffering of all the men in God’s own Country and give us a ban that we want.

Please ban mega-serials.

(pics – all from google)