The way we conduct ourselves in the social media platforms like twitter and facebook says a lot about us. The same stands well for individuals, corporate, sports teams and even news channels.  As far as a news channel or print media is concerned, if they do not handle their social media handles well, it does take a hit on the brand as well. That’s why, putting the right person in charge of your twitter and facebook handle is the utmost imperative job of the HR.

Asianet News tweets with the twitter handle @asianetnewstv. Their twitter bio says that they are “The No.1 Malayalam News Channel – one-stop-shop for all news from Kerala & India from a unique Malayalee perspective”.

Good enough.

Then, let’s have a look at the kind of language they use in their tweets. Here’s some screenshots.


These are just tweets from today.

Of all these, the protesters “fired” police bus is the most hilarious one. What he actually meant was the protesters “burnt down” the police bus. That’s what happens if you think in Malayalam and tweet in English.

The way English language is murdered in just four tweets, you could just guess what damage is being done over the last few months or years.

Quite a few times, I had bothered to tweet to the handle @asianetnewstv trying to enlighten them, just in case somebody takes notice. After all, they are one of the leading media groups in Kerala, and their tweets necessarily doesn’t put them in good light, especially among non-Malayalees, and definitely make them look stupid. Unfortunately, there is no change.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

They can get out of this furrow by doing one of a few simple things.

One, they can just swap they guy handling the twitter account on their behalf with someone better. I am sure; there will be many in Asianet News who can do better than this. Or better still, they can just continue tweeting in Malayalam only, which their counterparts’ @manoramanews and @reporter_tv do well.

After all, calling yourself No.1 and then looking imprudent doesn’t get along well.