Seeing the above news report that was published in the Kozhikode edition of Times of India on 29th January 2015, people unfamiliar with the geo-political landscape of Malabar would be a little befuddled.  Most people, at the face value of the news, would take the “mob” in headline to be RSS or BJP communal “goons”, as they are called in common parleys. But, reading further, it breaks this common credence.

The news mentions Muslim households being attached and looted by organized gangs who are out there taking revenge for the murder of one of their sympathizers. It is the CPIM and their baby comrades in the DYFI who are going all out with their attack on the houses, property, and other assets of Muslims of this area.

The areas in and around the erstwhile Kadathanad area of North Malabar, mostly in the present Vadakara and Thalassery taluks, have been known for their political violence, but in the region around Nadapuram, it usually takes a communal color because it is Muslim League on one side, and the more or less Hindu CPIM on the other side.

Usually, CPIM, at various national forums and parliament often accuses the BJP, RSS and its affiliated organizations of fanning communal hatred and inciting sectarian violence. They have often taken steps like disrupting Parliament for raising matters like these, accusing the Sangh and BJP of religious bias and partiality.

But, what is the CPIM doing here?  They are doing exactly what they have always accused BJP and RSS of doing. Only difference is, since they belong to the “secular” grouping of the Indian political circle, they are free to do this. In the same article, if any normal political violence would have happened where instead of the CPIM on one side, it had been the BJP or RSS, just think of all the hullabaloo and clamor the commies would have created ubiquitously in Parliament, the national media, on the streets, everywhere.

Make note that this is happening in a state which is ruled by the Congress, and if something similar had happened in BJP ruled state, we all know how the reactions of one and all would be.

The CPIM and its allies being certified seculars; the communal overtones of the commies are well hidden and obscured behind the masks which they wear. Despite open mob-culture like this, they continue to spew venom on others.

I don’t know if TOI has covered this news item anywhere in their other edition. Maybe they haven’t, but it deserves national attention, and just to show the double face of the charlatans.

The web link the news item is here à TOI,Kozhikode, 29/01/2015