Finally, Kannur is going to be a Corporation.

A decision that was long overdue for a city that should take pride and delight at its historical significance and importance, it always deserved to be Kerala’s first big city.

Better late than never.

Kannur; then Cannanore was one of the most vital conurbations in the scheme of things of the European rulers.

It was the Centre of trade when the Portuguese held sway. Later the Dutch too had a good hold over the place. When the British took over, it was one of their most important ports after Bombay and Karachi, on the western side of the Empire.

It even had an airstrip (somewhere in the Cantonment area) that had a stop for the then TATA Airlines in its transit from Bombay to Colombo. This is a piece of information which I guess 99.99% of the people here are not aware of.

The railway too had a major railway station for more than a century, and was one of the most important stations of the British Malabar and Madras Presidency. The Indian Railways still continue to use the original name of the city, Cannanore (CAN) for its mention.     

Not to mention the omnipresent Military Cantonment, one of the 60 odd of the Indian Army across India, that is directly inherited from the traditional military heritage of the land. 

Cannanore has been existing as a municipality in India for more than 150 years, and it qualifies as one of the oldest municipalities in India, a privilege held by some of the biggest cities in South Asia.

Perhaps, Kannur‘s fall from being an important city to just another district headquarters started with the merger of Malabar with Kerala.

Since then, it had to cede space to Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut. What had a tall presence in Madras State was over a period of time reduced to also-rans in the opinionated competition of development in Kerala.  

Hope it all changes, and Kannur Corporation reaches new heights.