There is a lot of paradox in today’s India where we live in.

Yes, here, you have to be selective.

Selective outrage, selective liberty, selective bowdlerization; et al.

I shouldn’t feel outraged when my God’s are being ridiculed, indulged and scorned. Be it in movies like PK, paintings of MF Hussain or elsewhere. It’s their freedom of expression. We shouldn’t we be interfering in that.

True. We need should not indulge in free of expression and creativity. But it’s also true that it has to be a level playing ground.

PK was checked by the censors and found okay without any ado.

But, why was Vishwaroopam released with all those scratches?

Why is a movie depicting the story of churches and nuns in Kerala awaiting clearance from the censor board, not seen daylight for two long years?

What was wrong with Da Vinci Code when the makers always said it was pure fiction, but found it too difficult to convince the moral police to withdraw their swords?

What is so satanic about Salman Rushdie’s book that it’s not available in bookstores in India to this date?

Even drawing cartoons can be dangerous.

But, well, here you don’t see anybody walking around shooting people who draw cartoons of Krishna and Hanuman; there are lots of them in bad taste doing the rounds in Cartoon Network and Pogo Channel, and yet, my ilk’s don’t outrage.

These are some questions even Google finds tough to find answers to. Simple questions, no answers.