Do you know what the biggest issues, we as a citizen, are facing in Kerala today?

“We are not allowed to kiss in public”

But, what about the Maoist issue in Wayanad. Heard they’ve had a gunfight with our thunderbolt commandos.

“That’s a non-issue. We need the freedom to kiss in public”

And the government hasn’t paid salaries and pensions to its employees this month. Out state is in grave financial crisis….

“Oh, is it? I didn’t know. But what I need is to kiss in public”

And our Bars! They remain closed. And serious corruption allegations rose.

“But, what to do with Bars, if we can’t kiss on the streets after a peg or two?”

Yeah, true. But even as you protest, our soldiers are martyred in fight against terrorists. We can protest that too…

“Maybe later… kiss first!”

The roads haven’t been repaired since last monsoons. Our cars have been making visit after visit to the workshops due to the terrible and appalling condition of the roads…

“Does all that really matter? See all our problems would be sorted if we could kiss in public!”

  • You know something is not right when you have DYFI and SFI supporting the #KissOfLove. They were anti-Quit India, supported China during the Indo-China war; and even spoke for those who recently disrespected the national anthem in Tiruvananthapuram and were charged with sedition. They speak of tolerance when their big brothers follow the policy of eliminating opponents. Double standards.
  • SDPI silently supported the campaign #KissOfLove in Kozhikode, saying they did not want to be seen protesting alongside so called Sangh Parivar outfits. For them, as of now, kissing on streets is not an issue then. Hopefully, they’ll stop beating up boys who are seen talking to and walking around with girls in hijab.
  • Dr Fazal Gafoor, the President of the Muslim Educational Society recently made a statement that the purdah is a hangover from oafish Arabic culture, and is not suitable for those in Kerala. He was taken to task for that statement by various organizations. The organizers of the #KissOfLove, its silent supporters or the thunderous commie comrades shoring #KissOfLove now were nowhere seen in his support.

It would have been in good taste if the same people who organize so called revolutions such as #KissOfLove, take some interest in campaigns like #SwachhBharat also. The Kozhikode Bus Stand where they organized #KissOfLove, would have done with some clean up rather than kiss up.

And for all those who would call me a bigot, chauvinist, out-of-date, unfashionable, Sanghi etc after reading this, I don’t really care what you think. There are better and bigger topics of concern to take care of in this country and in this world, than PDA on the streets.  

Satire at its best – Mathrubhumi cartoon 09 Dec 2014