The World Cup season is here, and there are some sights and sounds that you can see only in Kerala. A few of them are below:

It is a two team tournament?

All fans are there for Brazil and Argentina only. It seems like a two team competition. Messi and Neymar compete with local politicos on the flexes. There are some fans for Germany, Spain and England too, but all of them are a handful only. That too dried up once the tournament progressed.



I couldn’t see a single flex of Netherlands and Uruguay. But that has now popped up after the performance in the tournament, replacing Spain and England. Well, there are no permanent fans here. They change with the changing winds.

You can support any country you want as long as your nation does not play the game!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is a football expert

Go to the barber shop for a haircut, you can see the barber, in between his chores telling how Neymar should have scored, or why he didn’t. The same in the roadside thattukada. Everyone on the street and in the shop is maximum football experts who think they are better than the ones with sleepy eyes on Sony Six’s Cafe Rio.



Like the saying in Malayalam goes – mookilla rajyathu murimookan raajavu – “In a land of people without noses, the one with half a nose is king”

World Cup is here, TV prices plunge

Every electronic store says they are giving the maximum discounts on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup that happens only once in four years.

Oh yes, and Malayalees flock to the shops to buy it out.

Don’t know who are the real bimbos here – the buyers or the sellers. Because, when there is no Football World Cup, there’s T2o World Cup, then 50 Over World Cup, then ICC Champions Trophy, then IPL, and sprinkled in between all this the festival seasons of Onam, Vishu, Diwali, Christmas et al. On all these occasions, they claim to sell, and we buy at huge discounts.

Then, when do they sell it at the real market price anyway? Do they, anytime? Really?

Malayala Manorama’s Goal Vanna Vazhi

This has to be the most hilarious part of World Cups in Kerala.

Malayala Manorama’s Goal Vanna Vazhi (The way the goal came), where the resident experts at the Kerala’s so called “most read newspaper” prepare a road map of the way the ball travelled from foot to goal. They started it a long time ago, when most people did not have access to live satellite television, and the World Cup for a Malayalee is incomplete without it. God damn if anybody who is drawing it out would even understand it once he sees it in the morning picture. It is secondary that in the same picture, you might find the same player at three or four places.



My day does not begin without having a look at this in the papers and laughing my heart out – World Cup after World Cup.

Cricket – who?



For a change, the Cricket takes a back seat. Nothing more than one column news even when India is playing. Stuart Binny’s record performance in Bangladesh just found passing mention in the back pages, which otherwise our newspapers would have celebrated on the front pages.

For me, that’s a welcome change.

NRI’s back home

You have seen cricket crazy fans, but there are even crazier guys following football in Kerala. They take leave from their gulf jobs so that they are back to the best place to enjoy watching football as a fan – at Malappuram.



Malappuram has the most fanatical and passionate fans for the game you could find outside the South American continent, and they leave even their jobs and wives to lend their eyeballs to the game.


India has never played or hosted a football World Cup. But if we ever do, play the matches in Kerala and see how we give the Brazilians and Argentines a run for their money, in terms of passion, love and fervour for the game.



Pictures courtesy: Google