It has been a strenuous month. I voted in the initial phase, on April 10th and had to for more than one month to know the results. And once it came out, what most of the “secular” pundits said has come true.

What they said, and it’s confirmed – there is NO MODI WAVE.

Oh yes, there is NO MODI WAVE, it was a MODI TSUNAMI.

And a whole lot of dookie has been washed out from the scene, and by God, it will definitely do a lot good for India.

First of all, there was overdose of the “I am secular and he is communal” hymn. Actually, everybody was aggrandizing it so much that it actually was nauseating towards the end. Hopefully, this is the last election that will see this mantra, and the so called secular parties know the real meaning of secularism.

But there were still exceptions. Like my dear CM Oommen Chandy said – “BJP’s defeat in Kerala shows Kerala’s secular nature”. So he has confirmed one thing, that rest of India is communal and only Kerala is secular, that too when the Muslim “Secular” League, his ally, has won 10% of the seats in Kerala.



There were a lot of partakers who dreamt of being the eminence grise – the Didi’s, Amma’s et al got a lot of men to the parliament, but it has now equal to what the Netherlands and Scotland do usually at ICC World Cups, just make up the numbers. So much for all the conflagration and bad mouth, which they had put up on the campaign trail.

What gives me extreme joy, almost as much as the BJP getting absolute majority on its own, is the total decimation of the AAP and Lefties. Oh boy, they were such torture. The AAP wasn’t even in the contest in most of India and wanted to be giant killers. Look at the 25 thousand odd votes that Dr Kumar Vishvas got. And the Zero seats in Delhi, they deserved it for their conceit. Nothing much to say about the commies, they are at par with BJP in number of seats in Bengal, their only PB member who contested in Kerala lost, their margins cut out in strongholds, LDF came a poor third, trailing the BJP in Thiruvananthapuram, and quite a lot of their regular voters in Kerala voted communally this time. The icing on the cake would be them losing the national party status, and like D Raja does in TN, the day is not far when they have to lick the boots of others to get elected to Rajya Sabha.

One of the biggest compunction that I have is that my career, after education began at the same time UPA1 embarked its journey. It went on well for some time, by the end of UPA 2, looking back, I could not see my salary and savings increase in the same proportion that the cost of Petrol and others did.

I liked Manmohan for what he did in 1991. It was because of him that as a teenager, I got to see Pamela Anderson on Baywatch every weekend late nights on Satellite Television, in an otherwise boring life that was filled with Doordarshan. It was because of him that we got to drive the Hyundai’s and Toyota’s on our roads. But what you’ve done in the past doesn’t have much value if you are indolent today. Looking back, it is more of a cloud-cuckoo-land that turned into a lurid.

As the saying goes in Malayalam,

കാരണവന്മാർ പണ്ട് ആനയുടെ മുകളിൽ ഇരുന്നിടുണ്ടായ തയമ്പ് മക്കൾക്ക്കിട്ടില്ലല്ലൊ.”

That was a bit crude, and if translated into English will lose its sheen. So let it remain in Malayalam.   

Hopefully, “Ache din aane waalae hai!”






Most of us didn’t expect such a decisive mandate for BJP. And how did this happen? On a lighter note, maybe, the answer lies in the picture below 😉