It was just another day in what is otherwise a boring life.

Sajith came to office, sat down and discussed his ratings. Being his former boss during the best phases of his career, he always kept me updated with the downs and downs of his vocation. As he usually says, he’s not seen an upswing in a long long time. Most of them, his compatriots and some juniors have got promotions, and he had to stay happy with the regular hikes and bonuses without promotion only.

This year too, his ratings got royally screwed. So, for his own peace of mind, he came up to me talked, at lunch at RaRaAvis over our favourite Chicken Biriyani. As usual, talking over a one to one topic soon turned into a vitriol of gossiping about ex-colleagues and the system at large.  Soon after the awesome, heavy lunch, we moved on, to drop him at the bus stand and me back to office. It was a hot and humid day.

I took an auto back to office, and as I was past the gate of the bus stand, my eyes gazed towards the pedestrians.

There, suddenly, out of the crowd, I saw a familiar face.

It was she!

She was walking down the footpath, a bag in hand, as gracefully as ever, oblivious of the hubbub around.

After all these years, 11 years to be precise, it was just the second time that I was seeing her. Just like the last time, five years ago, when I saw her in a crowd.

The ordinary day, just felt extraordinary.

Suddenly, the hot summer air around me became pleasant like autumn.  I could feel the breezy air move past my face, bringing a feel of numbness to my senses. Yes!  Even after all these years, my ex-flame, even seeing her in a crowd, brings the same awesome feel to it. She was looking as beautiful as before, just a bit of added weight here and there. The face was as pleasant, the hair was as flowing, and the saunter as elegant as it was then.

“You can love someone so much… But you can never love people as much as you can miss them” – John Green

I wanted to call her name out, but the auto was moving too fast. By the time I realised, I had moved too far off.

Just like the chance of seeing face to face came up last time, it was just a one-sided event this time too. She didn’t get the space and time to notice me once again.

Then, like a big, tight slap, senses stuck me again, and thrust me back to normalcy.

Hey! I am happily married. So is she. But, not to each other! This is an episode that doesn’t matter anymore. So what makes the whole point drooling over and over again over something you have lost long ago, when you have work to complete and a family to rush to!