What are these Travancore Royals doing?

Which… team is that? Uh! It was the Kerala Tuskers right?


(Kerala Tuskers always reminded me of the hooch brand that Rajan P Dev shouts at Mohanlal in the movie Chota Mumbai….. Tuskerrrrrrrr!!!!!)

No, no. They are not the IPL team…. the one that rules Trivandrum.

Trivandrum? But there are Commies ruling there right? And, sometimes the Congis?

Yeah… yeah!

Nowadays it’s like that.

Commies take 5 years, Congis take 5.

Uh Oh! Not exactly Congis. Its Congis + Leaguies.

But the royals were before that. Before Independence!

But, what did they do now?

Oh! You don’t know? They are stealing all the gold from their own temple.

My god! Stealing from their own temple?

Yes! And it’s like all those Zeros, even 2G scams can’t compete on count!

But why do they do that? Don’t they know that in India, stealing so much Zeros is the privilege of a few people’s representatives?

Guess they don’t know.

But weren’t they the same guys who protected the same treasure from Tipu, Dutch, British over the centuries?

Yes! But its new generation! They dare not steal when bigger thieves have their eyes on the fortune!

True! So what do the bigger chaps do now?

Pick a stick, be the Royal Challengers and knock out the Travancore Royals from the temple!

Like they did to the other Royals in Coconut Land?

Exactly! The same way! Invade the pitch and make it your playground. The Royals can be forced to retirement.

What after that?

Enjoy the sack!

Eat! Sleep! Drink!

Mast Maja Maadi!




Like with all other big temples in Kerala, this too will become government property, when the government has no business running religion.