Saw Drishyam in theatres last weekend, one of the most celebrated Malayalam movies in recent times.

That there were expectations beyond a rating of 10/10 because of the wonderful word of mouth publicity and the rave reviews in all media alike, but it stood. Another reason I was pretty much interested in watching it firsthand was the return of darling Meena to the big screen, I had not seen her in a movie in theatre since Chandrolsavam.

After watching Drishyam, the realisation set in. It had been indeed one of the best Mohanlal movies I have ever seen, in the same league as movies like Manichitratazhuand Naadodikaatu.

I’m not going to write a review of the movie here. Lot has been written and said elsewhere. But I’m just jotting down some things I have seen and heard while around the theatre, in the hall and among the crowd.


There were victory celebrations by a family who managed to be the first ones to get a ticket for the show. It was like they had won the Onam bumper lottery or something. Maybe they thought they had the right to do it as they beat at least another thousand people in the queue looking to get in, that too for a movie in its third week.

Well, the celebrations were short-lived till they barged into the theatre and found that me and my family were already seated there, having taken the best seats. After that, their face was a reflection of embarrassment and modesty. (Guess what, I never take tickets from the counters, at least in this theatre. The tickets come to me, much before it goes to the box office. VIP privilege)


 “When I came to see Kilukkam also, it was houseful!”

It took some time for me to comprehend what the lady behind my seat had spoken.

After she had spoken this, I continued listening to the lady’s conversation with her husband, who seemed just past the retirement age, I realised that the last movie she had seen in theatre was Kilukkam. I mean, she saw the last movie in theatre in 1991? Blistering Barnacles – that was 23 years ago!

I still cannot believe that there could be people in Kerala who have not seen a movie in theatre for two and half decades. No wonder the tear jerking serials on Asianet and pirated CD’s rule. And this was exactly why the Malayalam film industry was sick for long years until the new generation came in.

And if this lady had to come back to theatre to watch a movie again after a quarter of a century, this movie is something (rather, incredible).


It was the scene in which the boy who goes missing shows the video clip on his mobile phone to Georgekutty’s daughter. What we all could hear was a screech and comments that somebody fainted.


Happens when you come to watch a movie in a theatre once in a blue moon, and then realise that the atmosphere in the hall is as electric as in a cricket stadium or a political rally.


Asha Sharath’s entry was to roaring claps – Claps from those housewives who have overtime become fans of Jayanthi in Kumkumappovu over the last few years. For a moment, I felt, she had more fan following in the hall than even Lalettan.

Some perils of the soap opera craze among women in Kerala.


The choicest profanities from the crowd were reserved for Kalabhavan Shajon. You know he’s a real mean guy when you’ve the whole theatre calling all possible “My___ Tha___ Pu___” theri’s at Constable Sahadevan.

Man! You really rocked as the villain. Totally unexpected, looking at all the comedy characters you’ve played in your movies till now. This role is career defining and a game changer.



Jeethu Joseph, I’ve seen all your movies except Memories.

Detective didn’t shake me much, it was just average. But I liked the climax and suspense.

Mummy and Me was class, totally realistic.

My Boss was enjoyable.

But got to say, Drishyam is THE BEST till date. You’ve just created one of the all time best classics in Malayalam cinema.

You know a movie is a stupendous success when a theatre owner needs to take over the plot next to his business for accommodating the cars to be parked, in addition to the normal space he has, and still can’t find enough space for all.

Drishyam rocks!