The political happenings of the last week have been quite interesting.  A new leader is chosen.  The old one goes around sulking. And this just brought to my mind two movies.

The thoughts began after reading a tweet from a fellow twitteratti, which goes on as this “Reminded of #Malayalam movie Bharatham that I watched long back. Easily see a Nedumudi Venu in the #JealousPatriarch But Mohanlal won the day”

Yes, Bharatham was indeed something quite similar to what happened here. An older brother jealous of his younger one because the latter had began overtaking him in his field of art. Now, not a fault of the younger one, but the elder one had taken to booze and had become totally incapable of handling situations. The younger one wins in the end. The jealous patriarch confined to the back pages of time.

The second one, a movie and a legend, it’s the story of Peruntachan. Peruntachan was the master craftsman, who lorded over primordial Kerala with his magical and godly carpentry skills. He was the best in class, and all major temple architecture and buildings of his time were attributed to his handiwork. But what happens when you have a son whose skills are as good as or even better than yours? This is what Peruntachan is as famous for in addition to his skills.

To borrow from Wikipedia, “Peruntachan, blinded by his professional jealousy, dropped his chisel on his own son in the guise of an accident, killing him on the spot. Thus, the legend ends in tragedy, telling us that even great men have their frailties”

So two stories of jealous patriarchs, two movies, two award winning performances (Mohanlal for the younger brother’s role in Bharatham and Thilakan for the legendary craftsman’s role in Peruntachan), but with different endings. Once, the younger one triumphs, the other, the patriarch wins.

We see these jealous patriarchs in all walks of life today. Be it politics or outside, it has become a part and parcel of existence and one of the many challenges a successful person has to go through. And it’s tough to blame the patriarch for his behavior under the circumstances. After all, power, and the hunger for it, is the driving force behind the survival of human life.

Now, that’s human, but as human beings, all of us have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom too. Here’s a tweet from Chetan Bhagat – “When a new lion takes over the pride, the old one often retreats. Saw it on discovery channel. Nothing unusual about it, just nature”