Wow!!! Hitting 10,000 is a great feeling!!!

Now I know what Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar might have felt like when they hit their ten thousandth run in test cricket. My achievement might be miniscule looking at what these legends have achieved, nevertheless, for a small fish like me; my blog being visited by 10,000 viewers is not a diminutive achievement.

I put my first post in my blog on October 10, 2010. It’s been almost 31 months, more than 900 days. On an average 300 views per month. Never did I expect that when I started blogging, I would be able to write more than 60 pieces of literature.

Many things happened in between. I got hooked to indiblogger, got picked for Cinthol’s Alive is awesome campaign, and started my own photo blog. All this not possible without the continuous support I got from a few special people – my wife who always wondered what I was doing on my laptop typing in Msword all night until she accidentally discovered my blog, the special buddy who inspired quite a few of my posts, and all my darling friends who would be the first ones to read my posts and give feedback immediately once I post them, even if the time is well past midnight.

Thanks to all, and hope in the coming days too you would continue to give the same support.