The other day, there was a cool Fastrack sunglass that my wife noticed lying overlooked in the rear seat of my car. It had been a long time since I had done the cleaning process of my car, and I could not recall who would have left it there. Since it was a model which was more frequently used by ladies, I did not show much enthusiasm and eagerness on it, lest my wife suspect something fishy.

But background, once my wife’s interest had died down, I tried enquiring with some of my friends who were frequent passengers in my car. I did not want somebody else’s belongings lying orphaned in my hands. A few calls here and there, I did not have much luck on this. All those regulars whom I had called, did not own this glam item.

I did not want to keep this with me, knowing that the original owner would be running helter-skelter looking where he or she has lost this one. Well, that is what I usually do when I lose such things.

So what was the next way out?

An idea struck me.

It is quite interesting and sometimes outlandish how we come up with ideas to identify owners of lost and found items.

Anybody friendly enough to be in my car would be on my facebook friends list too. And there are around 900 odd people who are in my FB list, and the owner of the lost goggles would be there too, quite sure.

Without much delay, I updated my status on FB:

“Somebody has lost their Fastrack sunglasses in the rear seat of my car. Can be returned if I’m contacted with proof of ownership”

Within seconds I got two likes, and then the first comment:

“Whoever is the owner, I suggest buy a new one. It is better to buy a new one than proving ownership to this guy”

This was an observation from one of my best friends. He really has a good intuition about me! I really wondered if I was really such a tough guy to sway. Am I? Moments after this comment, there goes two more likes for this. Well, there are lots of people out there who concur with him it seems.

A minute later, there was another commentary:

“Kodukilla ennu saaram”

This was in Malayalam, which roughly translates into “So you don’t plan to return it at any cost”.

Wow, that was nasty. Another of my good friends, they are taking his occasion to poke malevolent jabs at me. I could feel the trivials of trying to be honest. Here I am, genuinely trying to match a lost accessory to its legitimate owner, and the whole world is just looking at how I would put a roadblock in this process.

Next, there was a dig from an impish cousin:

“Ayye, enikkonnum vendappa”    

Means – “I don’t want it” – in colloquial Kannur Malayalam.

Oh well, as if I would give it to you in the first place. Ha Ha!!!! Not to you buddy, I don’t intent to bequest if to anybody if the rightful owner does not turn up. It would stay right with me. After all, it’s quite an eye-catching one too.

The nest one was a soulful comment, right from the heart. It was from one of my classroom buddies from college.

“Hey, it’s mine. I lost it from Cabane Bamboo that day”

Then I remembered, a few of our college friends had a wonderful get-together at Cabane Bamboo the other day, and after a great lunch and a few magnificent reminiscences shared, we parted. I had taken up the job of dropping the ladies back home, and she had taken her seat in the rear that day.

I was quite convinced that the glasses were hers’ only.

“I don’t have proof and all, but if possible please hand it over to Sudha”

There was twinge in those words. Poor thing. She wanted to provide proof that this was her’s but did not have any. She had already left Kannur for Dubai after her vacations, and she wanted me to hand over this to her neighbor and our classmate for safe custody.

Without much ado, without much impediment, I replied – “In that case, I’ll hand it over”

Dot comes the reply – “Don’t worry buddy. It’s mine only”

The case had come to its logical conclusion. I had reunited a lost sunglass with its rightful owner. And that too, in a matter few minutes since I found it. An amusing sense of achievement had steamed up my thoughts, and I felt it quite amusing how facebook could provide such a utility too.

Zuckerberg would be thrilled knowing this, hopefully!!!