“Hi Nidheesh, I have nominated you for Liebster Award to show my appreciation for your blog”

I had never heard of that award before until I had got this comment on one of my blog posts. What was it? Something like Booker? Or, the Njanapeeth – closer home. I was confused.

There were many emotions that came to my mind when I read that comment. I was happy; somebody liked my blog so much that she decided to nominate me for an award. Then the mood shifted to sceptical, was my literature good enough to stand up to all this? Then it again swung to disbelief, somebody might just be playing a prank on me.

After few minutes of blowing hot and cold, trying to make my brain waves remember where I had heard before about Liebster, and who the big guns that won this award were, I decided to do what every guy in today generation would do in moments of doubt – turn to Google.

Liebster in the search bar did not yield much of a help. Suddenly I felt I was being made the object of a prank. There seems to be no such thing as this Liebster blog award and all.

But wait. From the search results displayed, there were enough hints to point out that there were quite a few others who also googled for Liebster and couldn’t get any grades. There were a few noticeable explanations to what Liebster really was.

And reading all about it from a few blogs, this is what I could make out of it – in the real sense, it is not a physical award, but a virtual one, where readers can recommend good blogs that they have read, through their blogs, by nominating the other.

Now, now, things were getting clear for me. a sweet reader of my posts, had recommended me for this nomination on her blog, and  shared the link of the same.

Impressed!!! It was like Mogambo Khushhh Hua moment for me.

So, as per the satisfactory knowledge received via Google, I went through the link shared to me.

This amazed me again. There Aparna Sinha’s blog OMG!! Liebster had listed quite a few things that I, as a nominee had to do. To borrow words from her post, these were the things I am supposed to do:

  1. a) Write 11 things about myself.
  1. b) Answer the questions by the blogger, who nominated me.
  1. c) Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers).
  1. d) Tell all the bloggers I nominated by posting in their blogs.

Bullet (a) seems the easiest one out of all the things that need to be done. Eleven things about myself…

Hmmm, let me see…. 11 things…. 11 things… here it goes….

  1. I am a native of the Land of Looms and Lores in God’s own Country.
  1. I am one big social network freak.
  1. My life and beliefs are a mix of modernity and traditions, almost in the ration 50:50, and yes, I am a proud Hindu.
  1. Like all Malayalees, I love good food, cooked in coconut oil, and doesn’t mind having the odd beef olathiyathuwhen in Kottayam.
  1. Just like most of the citizens of God’s own Country, I contribute heavily to the revenue of the State Government by buying the best liquor from the Beverage Corporation.
  1. I love to travel. Can roam endlessly without stopping, especially through the ghat roads of North Kerala, filled with mist and mystery.
  1. I am too lazy to do something like read books and all, but one thing I do is read, read and read a lot over the internet, especially on history.
  1. My best friend knows a lot more about me, even more than what my wife knows
  1. I love working with deadlines.
  1. I am a night owl. Writing, working, reading; all at times when other normal humans sleep brings out of lot of creativity in me.
  1. Waiting for somebody to invent a time machine so that I can go back in time to 1499 AD and provide proper decent advice to the Samuthiri who ruled the land when the Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut. (Well, according to me, the Portuguese deserved better treatment).

Bullet (b), answer the questions that Aparna has put across for me. Here goes…. (Answers in italics marked in blue)

From where you get ideas to blog?

From life.

Why your blog name?

“Expressions” is the best name I could think of for the thoughts I have put to words.

Poetry or prose what do you prefer and why?

I prefer prose. Reason is simple. I am not good at poetry.

The last book that touched your heart & why?

Well, Malabar Manual. It’s not exactly a book in the right sense, but it is the only one I managed to completely read in the last decade or so.

Fame or Money?


Adventure or serenity- idea of perfect vacation.

A mix of both. Adventure during day, serenity at night.

Work: Idle time every day.

Not exactly idle. I keep myself busy with office work 9:30 to 5:30.

Thoughts on online relationship.

Can work out well. I have a friend whom I met online and we are still very good friends. Ten years and going strong.

Religion v/s rational.

For me, religion wins hands down.

Being married is better than being single?

Being married is better. But before jumping in, needs to be mentally prepared for the changed life.

We are Indians first then why there is a difference (read conflict) between South & North India.

The basic reason for the conflict is the cultural, demographic and linguistic differences. This conflict will remain as long as civilisation exists.

Now part (b) done, next stage, nominate 11 amazing blogs J

All of you write spectacularly well, and the number before the blog dies not denote the ranking or rating in any sense.

  1. Musical Avenues
  1. Vazhiyorakazhchakal
  1. Woman
  1. Therefore I travel
  1. Personal diary
  1. Feel my heart
  1. Snehal Tripathi – A bibliophile by birth & an accidental writer by choice
  1. Ephemeral Bliss
  1. Motivation stories
  1. Labstrike
  1. Kanthari

That was easy, considering that I have been following the above blogs for quite some time.  Now, the toughest part. Ask questions to the bloggers I nominate. Here goes the list:

  1. What was the motivation to write your first post?
  1. Your happiest moment ever?
  1. The name of the most recent book you read?
  1. Do you believe in charity?
  1. Can true love happen more than once?
  1. The one person you admire the most?
  1. Which will decline faster – Test cricket or T20?
  1. What do you prefer – class cinema or mass cinema?
  1. Facebook or twitter – which one is more social?
  1. iPhone or Blackberry?
  1. One moment in history you would like to erase?

Wow!!!! Done at last.

Thanks to Aparna Sinha for giving me the chance to review myself and my blog. When I started writing, I had never thought that there would be readers so far and wide for my musings. Thanks to all for the patience.

Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition” – Abraham Lincoln.