It is not always that I write movie reviews for my blog. Either it has to be too good, like EAK or too sick like TK&TC for it find a mention in my literature.  Otherwise it has to be something different altogether – like Chapters.

(Now, some of you would raise the question why I had not written on Traffic when it was released and became a trendsetter. Well, I was not a regular blogger then)

I watched Chapters from Kavitha Theatre at Kannur this week. It saw a delayed release here, a week after it was released across Kerala. This year has seen a large number of films releasing; unfortunately, there has been no enough theatres to support the deluge of movies. A week after the release, of all movies that had come out, this was the one that had got maximum affirmative reviews.

What attracted me to Chapters was the way of storytelling. It is very rare that such innovations are up there for exhibition in Malayalam cinema. Four different chapters, if taken separately, have a standing on their own, but all well knit together to be one.

The story is almost run of the mill. But the technique of presentation has ensured that there is a lot of freshness in it. The characters look realistic and natural, speak dialogues as anybody would do in real life and behave with the right frequency of emotions in a given situation. There is no overdose of any aspect – be it comedy, sentiments, fights or action. All has been mixed to the right proportion.

Of all the characters, my personal favourite was Choonda. A nincompoop disguised as a goon, he received the maximum round of applause and approbation from the crowd. The rest of the ensemble cast made a good combination.

The music also played its part well. Although the songs were good, but worth mentioning is the background music, which was nothing short of splendid, in perfect sync with the storyline.

A chalk and cheese experimentation, where the story is narrated in text book format with every new link to the story is presented as a new chapter, was fun to watch. A bit more speed for the first chapter would have helped the viewers a bit, but I did not mind much, because it was a good attempt in all.

We all applaud the new trends that come up in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil cinema. And Chapters is one that rises to that level. The story has a universal acceptance and feel. As a viewer I would love to see the director rewrite these Chapters to the next level. Hope to see more of Chapters in more languages around the world.

There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not aloud – Carol Shields.

This Chapters is a perfect advertisement for this quote.