It is outlandish how people do all steps to go after competitors or adversaries who are successful, be it studies, business, sports, social media. Even I do it. In office, school, sports et al, quite a few times, I have also tried to get the better of others, proclaiming loudly or secretly, “I can do it better”, “That girl was actually looking at me”, “My project was better, but don’t know how this bugger got the award”.

Therefore, it was no surprise when Times of India ran the below article proclaiming how more than half of Narendra Modi’s followers on twitter was fake. Link here – (Bitter Twitter truth for Narendra Modi)

We all know, media needs Modi’s name and fame to run their business, so it was quite natural to dig into this little shit and fling some dirt. So this application is run, and TOI makes the path-breaking discovery that 46% of Modi’s followers on Twitter are fake.

Mind blowing….

So was this “Status People” application the next best thing to be invented after electricity? The TOI article made it seem so. I badly felt the urge to check it out. After all, I also had around 170 followers on twitter, and for me, this was equal to a million. I also needed to know how many fakers are out there stalking me.

Unfortunately, they did not bother to but a link to the fake finder site on their website, so as usual, Google had to take up the duty to find it out for me. Not quite difficult task. I texted “Status People” and Google threw up About 1,960,000,000 results in 0.22 seconds. (And only one of these is supposed to be spot on, rest all fake).

The link was, and the process to follow was quite simple. First check the number of fake followers you have, publish it on your twitter account and then you can check out on the number of fake followers your friends / other twitter users have.

First, I checked my status. Just to be double sure, I checked out @narendramodi twitter id first, then a few others, including a few friends, to ensure that it does not throw different numbers for the same id each time it is searched.

And this table below shows the results I found….

Id Followers Fake Inactive Good No. of non fake
@narendramodi 10,10,932 47% 38% 15% 5,35,794
@timesofindia 5,10,053 42% 41% 17% 2,95,831
@PMOIndia 2,76,979 41% 42% 17% 1,63,418
@bdutt 7,05,297 37% 47% 16% 4,44,337
@aajtaklive 24,572 34% 47% 19% 16,218
@sagarikaghose 1,00,787 33% 47% 20% 67,527
@sardesairajdeep 5,72,673 32% 48% 20% 3,89,418
@timesnow 31,796 24% 52% 24% 24,165
@nidheeshn 149 11% 40% 49% 133
@jhasanjay 7,729 8% 54% 38% 7,111
@mediacrooks 7,724 8% 45% 47% 7,106
@shahidm 1,620 2% 15% 83% 1,588
@ajithpanakal 17 0% 59% 41% 17
@Soorajvrajan33 3 0% 33% 67% 3

*as on 28 October 2012; 8:30 PM IST
So, Narendra Modi has 47% fake followers. So does Times of India, having more than 42% fakers. Few other celebrity ids, of whatever little I could check out are not doing badly either. Most of them have more than 20% fake followers. Even a small fry like me on twitter, has 10% of bogus followers.

I could make one inference out of this. It is not as calamitous as TOI had made out in their article. Not only Narendra Modi, most of the big guns on twitter have a large number of fake followers. The proportion is large enough when the followers are on the higher side.

There is one fact that the report of TOI has hidden. There are more than 500,000 followers for Modi on twitter who are genuine, which is by a long distance, the biggest for any politician or public servant in India, and this is far greater than TOI has on twitter, including fake and non-fake. So much for the Times, who claims to be the most read English newspaper in India the World’s largest-selling English newspaper?