How would it feel like if you woke up in the morning once fine day and find your hands tied up and mouth gagged?

Well, that is the closest comparison I can make out if a day comes when Twitter, Facebook and texting is not accessible on our Laptop, Blackberry, Android and Apple. And by the looks of it, that day might not be far off for us – the proud and high flying citizens of the biggest democracy in the world.

Twitter was the prime pastime and pet of so called highly intellectual, unbiased and level headed heads of a few English speaking news channels and their doctrinaire bosses. I suppose the average twitterati would definitely make out whom I am referring to. They ruled the roost, taking viewers opinion on all sundry matters. At that time, it was a safe, secure and transparent medium of interaction for them.

But what happened now? They too are up in arms against twitter. For them, twitter is now a medium of spreading hatred and communal agenda. Twitter had given the aam admi the handle to hit them where it pains most. Like all sulking women, they too are looking the other side when they start receiving a lot of well written criticism on their channels and news. Now, they want it regulated as it is exudes hate-speak. So – are their channels also not doing much the same?

Politicians too have a high time on twitter. Leaders like Narendra Modi, Omar Abdullah, Sushma Swaraj and Shashi Tharoor have used twitter to reach the extra mile for their followers.  So, when we have a regime that is supposedly exceedingly detested on many counts, getting battered left, right and centre on social media for all their courses of action, their leaders openly trolled at and ridiculed, they find the best option is to black it out.

Censorship??? thought the days of emergency were long over.

And Democracy??? what I have learnt in Social Science at school was that our constitution had guaranteed our rights for free speech and opinion.

We have a sick(ular) bigot shouting veiled threats in parliament, instigating hatred; he is not censured or reprimanded at least privately. This is freedom of expression and speech. But when someone from the crowd speaks his heart on whatever medium of expression of thoughts he or she gets, he is branded with all kinds of inappropriate labels. 

The dupes of the establishment’s leaders might be blocked, but they do not mind the trolls of their adversaries roaming scot-free. This for all the paid media out there, this is unbiased. For them, if someone on facebook makes fun of the zero-loss theory, his id ought to be blocked and the he locked up.

In our world, the words spoken softly by the elite are the ones that are heard the loudest. The common man does not have many choices. But when we have quite a few silly and imprudent egoists running news channels, who might mistake a Netherlands vs. Pakistan T20 cricket match as a battle between RSS agents and secular forces, who think getting verified twitter accounts make them secure from criticism, there is bound to be a repercussion. Some dogmatist was speaking of some “third wave” of radicalisation or something? Actually I see something else coming. Remember what happened in 1977? History saw a society a rise up in vehemence and flounce out a lot of filth. I don’t see another wave, but it might just be another tsunami that is in the making, which will flush the shit out.

Honestly, my views expressed above does not stop me from watching TV every night and finding out Where the Buck Stops, or who’s Facing the Nation. And I too would continue putting my views on whatever modes of expressions are legally available to me. But when somebody thinks that only their views matter in this world, I’m sorry, we couch potatoes do have control over the remote control. At the end of the day, how much ever they are paid for your hearsay, TRP’s do matter.