We are a country with a difference. Sometimes I do feel if we have nothing that can be called our own. A country with a proud tradition, culture and heritage, we have a lot of things that are foreign which are imported and imposed on us. Just look at the facts – we have imported a leader from Italy, Greg Chappell as a coach, a porn star from Canada, rioters from Bangladesh and the latest of them all – electricity from Bhutan.

Did I tell Electricity from Bhutan? We have seen TV, music systems, computers, mobile etc been bought home by our folks residing abroad, but – Electricity from Bhutan?

When this news was up in the media, am sure there would have been thousands of those TOI reading folks who were trying to locate Bhutan on the world map.

A so called future superpower called India borrowing power from Bhutan?

It was IPL’s equivalent of a player from Bermuda fetching the highest bid price at their auction. Or Cricket’s equivalent of a spin bowler from Brazil clean bowling Sachin in a Test Match. Or worse still, India drawing football matches against Brazil 1-1 in the FIFA World Cup.

Who would have thought even in their wildest dreams a dreamy Himalayan nation, who depends on India for almost all its daily chores would be of such significance to us? A nation whose only name to fame in India was the Bhutan Bumper Lottery would supply electricity that would help us run our Metro rails and Trains?

So, what is happening? The northern grid of the electricity supply overshot itself and the lines tripped. Suddenly, 22 states across North India slept into darkness. And thanks to all these, as a country we proudly set a world record – the world’s biggest blackout. Trains, metros, traffic signals, hospitals, theatres – all came to a standstill. And the common man once again became a victim of a plot of fate.

And, why was this happening? As per official version, some states overdraws the quota of electricity allocated to them, and this led to pressure on the system, which found shutting down itself the better option. Pretty clear…

Then, who is responsible? When we go into a deeper study of the activities, and check out who are ruling these 22 states affected by the fix, we can come with our obvious answers where the responsibility lies.

And what does the suffering citizen get? A change in the power minister, the incumbent obviously rewarded with a promotion to a more critical department, who immediately provides soundbytes to the media saying he is greatly obliged to his master for the endorsement, and a gentle reminder that he is a Dalit. (Like someone tweeted on twitter at twitter.com/SatanBhagat/status/230601669623296000 – “Actually, you don’t have to pick a Dalit from a crowd. He’ll find you and tell you how you oppressed him for 5000 years”, even though he might be the more rich than the wealth of all Brahmins put together).

After all this, what next? We guys in Kerala are lucky that our neighbours Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have not been smart enough to overdraw the allocated quota from the Southern Grid. The day they get this idea, we are screwed. There is no Bhutan in South India where we can import power from. As far as I know, Sri Lanka does not export this. Already, we are feeling the pinch of the shortage. I have been sitting at home today, and almost every hour, the supply is interrupted for almost 30 minutes. Our only hope is that it rains cats and dogs, and Idukki dam is full as soon as possible. Don’t know, even in years with better rains, we have always missed our favourite serials on Asianet vide power cuts.

One of the most famous quotes of Superhero Spiderman and his alter ego Peter Parker is “With great powers come great responsibilities”. But it did not take me long to update this on my twitter handle twitter.com/nidheeshn/status/230258197238267904 which received quite a few retweets – “With no power comes no responsibilities”. Literally, we have somebody who leads us, who thinks silence is golden. Well, he has been powerless despite being in power for more than 8 years, and would not mind if a commoner is without power for 8 hours.