The recently released Mohanlal – Ranjith teams’ movie Spirit had a wonderfully shot sequence. It was that scene in which the central character in the movie Raghunandan, played by Mohanlal, was trying hard to kick off his irresistible urge for alcohol. Raghunandan, pouring a considerable amount of hard liquor into his glass, early in the morning, with shivering hands, was in a state of grief. He was mentally prepared to let go of his urge, but his physical self saw his hands going towards the glass and picking it up. With the mind playing hide and seek, finally after a lot of contemplation, Raghunandan finally drops the glass. His last drink had been drunk.
I went through something similar today. No, it was not the urge to start or stop a drink. But it was the same kind of early morning confusion, uncertainty and contemplation.
The mind was lazy and lethargic. For a long time, the comfort of going to office, or a matter of fact, anywhere, in the car had been a pricey convention that has caught hold of me. Ever since 2005 when I had my first vehicle, I had always shunned public transport for the comfort of going places at my will. Comfort won over economics. But then, it was a time when petrol prices in India were cheaper that a dollar bill.
For the last two weeks, my morning and evening trips from home to office and back was done via the bumpy bus rides, just like the days at College. Nothing much ado about it, but I wanted to give a try in the times when the personal budget was going for a toss – blame it on rising crude oil prices, devaluation of rupee and high inflation rates (got these words by carefully studying the reasons given by oil companies each time they raise the petrol prices).
The two weeks had gone on well, and it seemed to be getting comfortable as it was light at the pocket. But the regular villain in all my plans just bumped in again today morning – I overslept. Once again, it was the rush and gush that usually was witnessed when sleep strikes for too long early morning. And finally when I was all ready and done, I stepped outside.
Suddenly, I stopped, turned back. Something inside me was pulling me towards the table where the car keys were kept.
I resisted, tried to hold back. But again my body was pushing me towards the key.
I picked up the key with quivering hands, looked at it. It was smiling at me, asking me take it for a ride. I was just about to do that, when once again my mind pulled me back. It was pushing me around with a quick round of calculations.
By bus: 22 days a month X Rs 22 per day = Rs 484.
By car: 22 days a month X 2.5 litres per day X Rs 70 per litre = Rs 3850.
This was enough for me to take the decree. I dropped the key to its place, and made a dash off to for the next available bus.
For a long time, arithmetic and reckoning had not happened and sumptuousness had the upper hand over money matters. Finally it was the time for economics and logic to win over petty comforts.
Peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one 🙂