Achieving targets and performance ratings are a fun game. Hit 100 by March, no time to relax till the last minute of the yearend and start all over from zero, again the next day. It is like building a house with a pack of cards. Putting a piece each, one by one, without disturbing the peace around, and after finishing the edifice, it is pulled down instantaneously to start off putting the pieces back again the next day.

Rating seasons are the best ones of the year. The new kids on the block put up their notes and performances on paper so as to impress their bosses. The seniors push off, bright and breezy, thinking like “we have seen it all and done it all”. Once all set and done, there comes the review, where grim faced bosses set to shoot down all the volleys thrown at them by vigorous subordinates who see it as the last bit of prospect to make an impression on their leader.

Then, there is the suspense, before the results actually coming in. Stories that could compete for the best literature awards keep flying to and forth, capturing the imaginations of the people who lend their ears. They entice so much fun that they tend to eventually overrun the original script that happens in life.

And once the results are out, the real fun starts there. We could hear a bunch of dialogues told with dour countenance. Some would even qualify and win the awards for the best dialogues at Oscars…..

“You have done a great job, but this was the maximum we could offer”

“There is a bell curve; we have to fit all in”

“You have achieved your target, but there were others who have over-achieved it”

“What you have got is not a bad rating. It’s good under the circumstances. Hope this will motivate you to work hard more next year”

“You have done well individually, but your team is a failure”

Well, whatever situation you are in, and whatever be the quantum of performance that has been achieved, we always feel we are wronged and end up on the wrong side of the highway. What happens next? We gather all the cards which have fallen off, and start putting in over one by one, card by card in place and the palace of cards is up all over again, to be brought down at the end. Like the energizer battery, it goes on and on and on…

Success usually belongs to people who believe in God. It is up to people who want to get rewarded for their success to comprehend their God. As Joseph Franklin Rutherford quoted, “Before we can know God and understand his great plan it is first necessary for us to believe that he exists and that he rewards all who diligently seek him”. So it is up to people to discover the “God” in the corporate grapevine and make sure that their prayers are the perfect lyrics for his music.