“Ee Adutha Kaalathu” was an ocular pleasure – One of the best in recent times. 
It was so realistic… so well made… and as the story developed like solving the puzzle of a Rubik’s cube, we come across characters, incidents and dialogues that we have seen, heard and felt quite a lot in our real life.
I don’t know how well others might take the points I have put down below, but what made me give full marks to this movie were a few things that were different from other Malayalam movies in recent times.
The use of pure Malayalam profanities, although beeped out from the movie, gave it the feel of veracity. It had the best use in recent times, of the “M****”, “P***” and “K****” swear words in Malayalam.
Then there was the idea of ending each scene by showing the cover of books, making a relation to the scene that had just climaxed. I totally loved it when Lena’s character Rupa decided not to tell Tanu Roy’s character Madhuri’s secrets to her amusing boyfriend character of the police commissioner played by Anoop Menon, and the scene closed by showing the cover of the book “Secrets to the Grave”.
The character played by Murali Gopi – Dr Ajay Kurien, he is a caricature of many male chauvinists that are found in Kerala nowadays. Not really young, but smart enough to try and act as a Casanova by appointing a highly paid female secretary whose only job is to call him up or SMS sweet dirty messages every 10 minutes, so that his wife gets covetous of his ways.
The female leads – Tanu and Lena, were perfect sync with realities. They were the best of friends, but never trusted each other. One of them lamented telling a great surreptitious to the other, and at last had to pick on another clandestine snap of her friend in order to ensure she remains silent. 
The dialogues between them were reasonably innate too, especially the one where the journalist Rupa asks Madhuri candidly… “Did you have sex?” – quite unseen in Malayalam films.
Jagathy’s woes with his Nano car and the dialogue that followed –
“Oru laksham roopayude car, Randu laksham roopayku eduthu, Onnara laksham roopayude paniyum cheythu”.
This was one of the best comical dialogues in recent times.
There was nothing complex in Indrajith’s and Anoop Menon’s role. It was quite an effortless and grand presentation by actors par excellence who sleepwalked through their roles.
At the start of the credits in the beginning of the movie, there is a voice over which says 
“Life is like a Rubik’s cube, which has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible configurations. There are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right, it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it”
And at the end, “Ee Adutha Kaalathu” was a Rubik’s cube puzzle that ended flawlessly.