Mr G tells SR “If you cannot get this done, I will outsource this!”

What does Mr G think has been done now then?

I am doing the work for you, and in fact, you have already outsourced it long back.

I am no longer in the scheme of things as far as he is concerned, and even now if I am still doing this for this putting in more passion and effort Mr G is really supposed to take, it can be called nothing but outsourcing.

If this work has come back to me even after I have left the bureau, it is because there is nobody else good enough to do this in the officialdom that prides itself with the best talent in them. I don’t know how good your talent to identify good talent is if you are still dependent on me for all this stuff…

If somebody who is lazy enough not to even pick a phone number from the telephone directory by himself normally, calls and blabbers such claptrap, I can take it no longer. One who cannot toil on his own should never give orders to others.

What I am doing for you this again and again is because of my infatuation for ingenuity and to rally round my preeminent acquaintances.

Mr G, all I can tell you is, you will not be able to understand the pain and efforts people take to build an inspired sculpture, if you have not tried it at least once. It makes no point giving suggestions to improve if all you do the whole day is sit and sleep through your work.

And it makes absolutely no sense for you to comment on other peoples work when people get to know that the awards you get are not actually for any of the work you have done. You only got rewards for the quality work done by others, and your insignificant moniker falls on it when it reaches the higher ups in the corporate jungle. A simple example is the recent trophy you got for the process research which was actually done by RD, when he was part of the establishment. Don’t you have any shame to take credit for that?

All I can say to Mr G is “Don’t taunt the alligator until after you’ve crossed the creek”

Just remember that!!!