How does it feel when you see a friend who has been struggling with his or her career in recent times manages to get it back on track? Just as the title to this literature suggest – it’s a happy ending, and a new beginning.

Everybody’s career path does not follow the trail that might seem like a super cool expressway. For most of us, it would just be like the highways in Kerala – fresh and gorgeous during the summer, and all wrecked and desperate during the monsoons. Yes, if it’s for me, you or anybody else, this is the case. Maybe for some, the summer might extend for a longer stretch of time, but eventually somewhere round the corner, the potholes will come across and the desperation starts.

The same had happened to my dear friend also.

Now let me just put a few words about what made us so close friends. We had a lot in common. A traditional Hindu upbringing, education in West Asia, love and hate the same kind of food (till then, I thought I was the only one in the whole world who hated “cheera”). We also shared the same passion towards our area of expertise with respect to our careers. We have seen each other grow in our jobs, and with the passage of time as the bonds of friendship grew, there developed a sense of extrasensory perception between us. These are too much in common between a Scorpio and a Capricorn, which usually is never the case in any part of the world.

One fine day, my friend got a wonderful offer for a career transformation. It was a welcome change of profile to a different company and from the looks of it, seemed to be one of the most challenging roles that anybody could get. It had been the end of a thorny pecuniary year for my friend and there was much optimism in getting a good evaluation.

As usual, the question was popped at me: “Please advice, it the right move?”

Well, animated rounds of discussions (mostly one sided, from my side) regarding the pros and cons of the change to happen, and finally friend decided to go for the change. I don’t know how I have been an influence on this decision made in the end, but definitely felt good that for all the hard work and the dedication that was being put was finally reaping good rewards for the doer.

All said and done, the movement for my friend seemed to be a wonderful revolution, as seen by outsiders. But, as the saying goes “Grass is always greener on the other side”

It did not take long for my friend to realise the bitterness of life outside one’s comfort domain. The company of youngsters and exceptional talents, that was a hallmark of the previous organisation, was missing. The exuberance and youthful thinking gave way to stress and pressure.

What would you have done in such a situation? Or rather, what would I have done there? Definitely, look for an opportunity to climb out of the ditch that I had fallen into. Yes, look for another job and jump off the ship once the lifeboat arrives. Anybody would have done that, and if friend had asked for that advice, would have suggested the right choice also. But for once, the question was not popped to me. For all, even for the silliest of matters I would have been asked to make my voice heard, but here, by slip-up or by intent, it was left out.

Friend decided to jump the ship, not into a lifeboat, but into the deep sea. Yes, the job that seemed like rapture was suddenly left to look for a new seraph to fill the space. A resignation was made without a new job.

“What the hell???”

“You did a mistake!!!”

That was my first reaction when I heard of this. I felt bad, as I knew from various quarters what it felt to be unemployed, especially, after we have enjoyed an extra high standard of living from our exuberantly high earnings.

“Don’t worry, I will get another job”

Friend started the lookout for greener pastures, but found it difficult to get new opportunities. Various options, including moving to metro’s to tap various opportunities available there were tried out. It was an open hunt for a job, and I had a field day helping friend out via Google maps to move through unfamiliar terrain.

After not tasting success for a few weeks, a sense of desperation had set in. Yes, friend was desperate, and I was also equally desperate as I could not stand the sight of an amazingly endowed personality wandering frantically looking for a job. I was also on the lookout as if I was the one who was in need of a job. As we shared a common bond on such matters, I presumed I had a perfect understanding of what job was on the lookout for.

At the end of it all, one fine day Friend decided to stop the hunt and return back home to family, distressed and depressed.

After a week of depression at home, suddenly the good news came. There was a choice of two offers, both attractive in its own self. These were the ones that were applied at time when the hunt was at its peak, and at last had come out successful after numerous rounds of negotiations.

As usual I got the question at my face: “What to do?”

I gave across my thoughts. After that a few seconds of pause later, what I got was detailed lecture on the pros and cons of accepting each offer, explained to the most minute detail. For once, this was not a one way gyaan from my side of the various corporate characteristics. It was a real and lively discussion.

I was literally dumbstruck. I suddenly realised that friend had suddenly started thinking… a facet that was missing in the behavioural traits till then. And the answer came to which offer was going to be accepted.

I felt happy. The level of desperation in the voice had gone away, and the confidence had come back to friends’ voice again. What I realised after this is that there is no better experience than coming out successful after difficult times.

I was delighted with the happy ending, and the new beginning. I was also pleased that what was always my dream job, and to which vicinity I had planned to switch to at least till 2 years back is going to be friend’s area of operation now. I told friend: “For one time, I am really jealous of you!!!”

Friend, I know you are reading this at this point of time. Just wanted to pen down the thoughts here so that after some time, when the new journey moves on, we do get something to fall back on once in a while to remind us of the tough times gone by.

All the best for your new beginning!!!