The year Two Thousand and Eleven has come to an end. This New Year’s Eve has been quite a revelation for me. It had been a long time since I had a relaxed and subdued end to the year.

The last time I remember having a real blast on the day before New Year was on 31st December 2005. Those were my days at Bangalore. My first year after post graduation, and a gang of friends to be boast about. It was in fact a fête in the real sense. Bottles of whiskey, loads of grilled chicken and lots of attitude – a combination of the three mixed with exuberant youth and an outlook to make merry gave us the best New Year party that we had in our entire lives till then.
The year that followed had brought about a pivotal shift in my career, and I changed my line to business from Banking to Insurance. Since then, every 31st December was essentially a slog at the office – quarter ending business closure, MDRT issuance etc. The whole world seemed to be celebrating, and a few of us were in office always slugging it out so that the company could make up the numbers and a lucky few could make a fully paid trip to exotic locations at the expense of others.
The year gone by has been significant in more ways than one. A shift in career, triggered by a combination of various factors, has given me the one chance I have not had in years – to sit at home, watch TV on 31st December and see the New Year unfold. It was such a peace of mind that I had almost forgiven all the ignorant and blatant customers whose attitude was one of the driving forces for me to shift career gears.
To sum up, am borrowing a line from one of my friend’s facebook status update:
“Some years in life are unforgettable, the year we passed out of school, college, year we got the first salary etc, but 2011 was wonderful year on person front.”
Wishing every one of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.