Time flies. It’s been half a decade since I walked into Thrissur branch for the primeira reunião with my Branch Ops team. From then on, it has been a fun filled and eventful journey, working with a dream team that always egged you to outperform the best benchmarks set for the levels of performance. There has been many challenges that has been thrown at our team. In the initial days, it has been the Sigma’s, QOC, Hindsighting etc and lately S2S, Retention and S2T. We have always proved that whatever the challenge, we would always come up as número uno at the end of the day. In retrospect, looking back at the 5 years, 5 months and 5 days I have spent here, all the happiness, successes and challenges keep on flashing in my mind like a movie. Every stage of a person’s life and career has a golden era, and I have enjoyed mine here.

The time has come to bid farewell to you. As most of you already know, I am leaving my position at ICICI Prudential. Tomorrow is my last day at work. I have enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate having had this wonderful chance to work with the most dynamic and enterprising team in the industry. During the days gone by, all of you have provided me support, encouragement and guidance to excel in the various tasks entrusted to me. With many of you, I have shared a unique association which I hope will continue in the years to come. I now look forward to new challenges that add more diverse knowledge, experience and value addition to my life and career.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few important people who have given a positive light and direction to my professional career and goals.

Joseph – My first manager in this company and the person I always look upon for inspiration. You have given me the best opportunities to excel in the initial days of my career and it has been only with your support and encouragement that I have been able to build a successful foundation to my career in an extremely competitive environment.

Harish – You have been to us what Saurav Ganguly had been to a bunch of youngsters in the Indian cricket team. Working in your team is the greatest learning that I am taking away from this company. I have taken my first steps as a manager under your guidance and the freedom and space that we have got from you is the strongest pillars on which I have built my career on.

Sunil Sir – A million words of thankfulness is not enough to describe the gratitude I have for all the support that you have given to me and my team. You are my role model, whom I look upon as an elder brother, who has always directed me rightly at any crossroads.

Rajesh Sir and Girish – Thanks for all the support over the last year and giving me the responsibility to handle multiple challenges. This has definitely helped me raise the performance bar manifold times.

Brijesh – I can compare you only to one person – MS Dhoni – The coolest leader!!! You have led the team with poise and assuredness. The way you handle pressure cooker situations has always been a great source of learning for all.

Ramesh – A towering source of support and guidance, always pleasant and helpful. Your support has been essential source of energy that has carried a lot of us forward.

Dennis – Nothing much to say. You are, and will remain my best friend.

Deepak, Binoy, Amar, Sathish, Krishna, Bala, Surendran, Kappen, Binu, Prakash, Jinesh, Liju, Shinil, Rahul, Bejoy Raj, Ashik – My closest friends in Ipru. Will miss you guys always. All the “magic moments” will always remain treasured in my memories.

Vandana, Sita, Roopa, Aparna – Wonderful colleagues. Will miss your friendship and support.

Nisha, Ruchita, Anjana, Jolly, Brinov, Subesh, Rosmin, Saman, Noby, Subesh – my team mates from Thrissur, Calicut and Kottayam branches. If I am going to miss anything, it’s the camaraderie of old team mates.

Anil, Sooraj, Sachin, Dhanya, Sajith, Ratheesh Menon, Hanima, Sajini, Sheejith, Sreenesh, Fahad, Sujith, Rijila, Ratheesh, Sreekanth, Varun – My team – your support, teamwork and the fun at work will always be cherished forever. Nowhere have I seen such a close knit, vibrant and energetic team. Thanks for all your support.

Manasi, Suria, Preshith, Manu, KK, Arun, Bijesh, Harish, Tharun, Sachin Thomas, Prajeen, Bibi and the sales teams of Kannur, Thalassery, Payyannur, Kanhangad, Calicut, Kottayam and Thrissur – Thanks you all for the unending support.

The S2S and QOC teams – Vrinda, Jai, Yogeeta – It had been a pleasure interacting with you on behalf of Team Kerala. The support from your team has been great.

A lot more names…. Vinod, Naveen, Reena, Sanoj, Vijoy, Arvind, Premjith, Sindhu, James, Savitha, Rajasree, Cathy, Sapna, Reshmi…. Thank you all!!!

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.”

I thank you all for the support all these years and hope the same continues in future also. We will always remain in touch through mails and social networking sites.

Thanks Team Kerala 🙂